Wallowa Mountains

Hike and backpack the Wallowa Mountains

Tucked into the northeast corner of Oregon, lies some of the most rugged and dynamic landscapes in the Northwest. With tall granite peaks, deep forested valleys, and numerous lakes, the Wallowa Mountains offer what is considered by many to be the best hiking in the state of Oregon. Best of all, hundreds of miles of trails crisscross the wilderness, making for a variety of fantastic hiking and backpacking trips.

Several great loop trips offer access to the Wallowa Mountains, many of which travel through the popular Lakes Basin Area. Other trips allow for access to beautiful alpine lakes, such as Ice Lake, Aneroid Lake, and Glacier Lake, beautiful meadows, forested valleys, and summits of sharp peaks, like the Matterhorn and Eagle Cap.

Total Trails Found: 11

Trail Name Length High Point Region
Aneroid Lake 6 mi 7500' Wallowa Mountains
Blue Lake 7 mi 7703' Wallowa Mountains
East Eagle Creek Loop 40 mi 8500' Wallowa Mountains
East Fork Lostine River 6.5 mi 7600' Wallowa Mountains
Frances Lake 8 mi 8538' Wallowa Mountains
Glacier Lake 13 mi 8166' Wallowa Mountains
Hobo Lake 7 mi 8260' Wallowa Mountains
Huckleberry Mountain 3 mi 7959' Wallowa Mountains
Hurricane Creek 11 mi 7800' Wallowa Mountains
Ice Lake 7.75 mi 7849' Wallowa Mountains
Legore Lake 4.1 mi 8950' Wallowa Mountains