Northwest Hiking Regions

The Pacific Northwest has a wide variety of landscapes to explore. From beautiful coastlines, rugged mountain ranges, and expansive deserts, the Northwest can keep explorers busy for a lifetime. This page highlights a few of the main hiking areas in the Pacific Northwest.

Hiking and Backpacking Trails in Washington

Hiking around Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier

Towering above all of the other Cascade Volcanoes, Mt. Rainier dominates much of the Northwest skyline. This National Park offers plenty of hiking opportunities to sample its fantastic scenery.

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Hiking around Goat Rocks

Goat Rocks

Located between Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier, the Goat Rocks offer fantastic alpine scenery and great hiking options, including several fantastic loop trips.

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Hiking around The Olympics

The Olympics

From beaches to glaciers, the Olympics pack a lot of variety into a small area, and all of the hiking is exceptional. Hike one of the many beach trails, or head deep into the mountains for alpine meadows, towering peaks, and clear lakes.

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Hiking and Backpacking Trails in Oregon

Hiking around The Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge

Waterfalls, towering cliffs, clear streams, and mountain views entice many to the Columbia Gorge. The Gorge offers many hiking options, from short trips to spectacular waterfalls, to multi-day backcountry adventures that offer solitude and great scenery.

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Hiking around Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

The sculptural peak of Mt. Hood can be seen from many areas of northern Oregon and southern Washington. Numerous trails offer access to this playground, where great views, alpine meadows, and rushing streams make for great hiking and backpacking adventures.

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Hiking around Three Sisters

Three Sisters

One of Oregon's premiere hiking areas, the Three Sisters is unlike anywhere else in the Cascades. Three, 10,000 foot volcanoes rise above alpine meadows, while a variety of smaller, but impressive peaks dot the landscape.

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Hiking around The Wallowas

The Wallowas

In the far northeast corner of Oregon, lies a spectacular mountain range of tall granite peaks, wonderful meadows, and large, scenic valleys. The Wallowa Mountains make for a spectacular hiking destination, and offers many opportunities for extended backpacking trips and adventures.

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