Three Sisters Hiking

Hiking and backpacking the Three Sisters

The Three Sisters, along with their surrounding peaks, Mt. Bachelor and Broken Top dominate the skyline of Central Oregon. The region is one of Oregon's best backpacking areas, and perhaps the best area to do a backpacking trip in all of the Oregon Cascades.

Numerous trails provide access to the many peaks, meadows, lakes, and valleys of the region. The Pacific Crest Trail flanks the western slopes of the Three Sisters, while additional trails provide access to the eastern portions and Broken Top. For ambitious backpackers, a loop trip around all of the Sisters is possible. The quieter southern areas of the Wilderness see less crowds and offers hundreds of lakes and vast forest land, while the northern section samples the past volcanism of the area, where miles of fresh (in geologic terms) lava cover the landscape.

A backpacking or hiking trip into the Three Sisters Wilderness will surely not disappoint. The hundreds of miles of trails, variety of landscape, and towering peaks will likely have you returning for years to come.

Total Trails Found: 9

Trail Name Length High Point Region
Collier Cone 5.8 mi 7534' Oregon Cascades
Golden Lake & Tarns 12 mi 7100' North Oregon Cascades
Green Lakes via Fall Creek 8.4 mi 6550' Oregon
Park Meadow and Golden Lake 12 mi 7100' Oregon Cascades
Rebel Rock Loop 11 mi 5311' Oregon Cascades
Scott Mountain 3.4 mi 6116' Oregon Cascades
South Sister Summit 5.5 mi 10358' Oregon Cascades
Squaw Creek 3.5 mi 5400' Oregon Cascades
Tumalo Mountain Trail 1.5 mi 7700' North Oregon Cascades