Mt. Rainier hiking trails

Mt. Rainier Hiking Trails

Hiking and backpacking around Mt. Rainier

Towering over Washington and the entire Pacific Northwest, Mt. Rainier offers hundreds of miles of hiking and backpacking trails, wildflower filled meadows, clear lakes, and stunning views. The Wonderland Trail, one of the Northwest's premiere trails entirely circles the mountain, while a variety of additional paths climb the slopes of Mt. Rainier, and the surrounding peaks and mountains. Numerous backpacking and hiking trips are possible, everything from short day hikes, to longer backpacking trails and great loop trips which sample the area's scenic beauty.

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Trail Name Length High Point Region
Carbon Glacier trail 3.5 mi 4000' Washington Cascades
Glacier Basin 3.5 mi 6000' Washington Cascades
Green Lake 1.8 mi 3185' Washington Cascades
Mt. Fremont Lookout Trail 2.2 mi 7100' Washington Cascades
Northern Loop Trail 35 mi 6700' South Washington Cascades