Mt. Hood Hiking Trails

Hiking and backpacking around Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood, the tallest peak in Oregon, rises sharply from the surrounding cascade foothills. Offering spectacular trails and a variety of trip options, the area around Mt. Hood is one of Oregon's prime hiking destinations. The forty-mile long Timberline Trail, which travels around the mountain offers access to alpine meadows, forests, and mountain views, while numerous trails offer multiple entry and exit points. Other areas also beckon for exploration, including Zigzag Mountain, Tom Dick and Harry Mountain, and Trillium Lake.

Total Trails Found: 9

Trail Name Length High Point Region
Burnt Lake Trail to East Zigzag Lookout 8 mi 4971' North Oregon Cascades
Cooper Spur 7 mi 8300' Oregon Cascades
Elk Cove 4.8 mi 5500' North Oregon Cascades
Mirror Lake 3.5 mi 4150' North Oregon Cascades
Mirror Lake 3 mi 4100' North Oregon Cascades
Ramona Falls 7.5 mi 3400' North Oregon Cascades
Timberline Trail 40 mi 7200' North Oregon Cascades
Yocum Ridge 17.4 mi 6200' Oregon
Zigzag Mountain Loop 9 mi 4700' North Oregon Cascades