Columbia River Gorge hiking trails

Gorge Hiking Trails

Hike the Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is known for waterfalls, beautiful valleys, cliff-top vistas and hundreds of hiking trails to experience it all.

Because of the spectacular scenic beauty and its proximity to the Portland Metropolitan area, the Columbia Gorge sees many visitors. The most popular tourist attraction in Oregon, Multnomah Falls, lies just 30 miles from downtown Portland and can attract quite a crowd. However, there are many hiking trails where solitude can be found. The Gorge offers numerous trails suitable for backpacking, great loop trip possibilities, and because of the relatively low elevations, many trails can be accessed year-round.

Total Trails Found: 20

Trail Name Length High Point Region
Augspuger Mt. 16 mi 3665' Columbia Gorge
Benson Plateau 16.5 mi 4150' Columbia Gorge
Cape Horn Loop 8 mi 1200' Columbia Gorge
Deschutes River Trail 8 mi 700' Columbia Gorge
Devil's Rest-Angel's Rest Loop 8.2 mi 2700' Columbia Gorge
Dog Mountain 6 mi Columbia Gorge
Dog Mountain Trail 4 mi 3000' Columbia Gorge
Eagle Creek 14 mi 3900' Columbia Gorge
Grassy Knoll to Big Huckleberry Mountain 10.8 mi 4202' Columbia Gorge
Hamilton Mountain Loop 9 mi 2445' Columbia Gorge
Herman Creek 8.5 mi 4064' Columbia Gorge
Horsetail Falls 2.2 mi 1968' Columbia Gorge
Larch Mountain 6 mi 4000' Columbia Gorge
Latourell Falls 2 mi Columbia Gorge
Mt. Defiance 12 mi 4950' Columbia Gorge
Observation trail loop 13 mi 4200' Columbia Gorge
Oneonta Gorge 0.5 mi Columbia Gorge
Wahclella Falls 1 mi 400' Columbia Gorge
Wahkeena Falls 4.5 mi 1600' Columbia Gorge
Wauna Point 5 mi 3700' Columbia Gorge