Yocum Ridge

Length: 17.4 round trip miles
Low Point: 2460'
High Point: 6200'
Season: Summer/Fall
Scenery: 5/5

Difficulty: 4.5/5

Submitted by: kj


Hwy 26 to Lolo Pass (rd 18) in Zig-Zag by old Zig Zag store. North on 18 for 4.3 mi, turn R on to paved FR 1825 for 1.2 mi, cross bridge, go left at fork staying on FR 1825. Approx 1.5 mi later bear L at a junction for FR 100. And park (TH is same as Ramona Falls)

Trail Description

This hike is in the back of the Red Sullivan Book and in the Douglas Loaraine book.
I did this last Sun 7/24/05. Was really the peak of wild flowers. First 3 mi can be busy as this is a nice family hike to Ramona Falls. The crowds drop off as you pass the falls, cross the bridge at the falls and go up the hill approx .6 mi to a sign for Yocum Ridge. Trail in good shape,(Forest Service reports last maintained Fall '04) minimal blow down and easy to manuver. Well graded trail but after the falls and until approx 1 mile below the first Youcm Ridge vista this is a DRY hike. Stream below vista has always had water when I have done trail. B/4 this stream is a SMALL pond in a newly evolving meadow. I have never used the water there mostly because that is the only place I have encountered mosquitos and THEY HAVE BEEN HUNGREY!
If you follow the trail beyond the vista across from Sandy headwaters you can get water (if you have stove) from snow fields.
This may be a long hike but is a real favorite of mine and last week the wild flowers were at ther BEST I have ever seen on that hike.
Best if it will be a clear day. If it starts out cloudy it just makes the ascent cooler but the best views of Mt Hood glaciers would be lost on a cloudy day and what a shame for that much work.
I want to BP for 1 nite but the enviro is SO FRAGILE I have not, but seems like I always see folks coming down. I would suspect finding safe places for tent are limited given trees are limited and the meadows are off limits. Did find a few possibilities thou.
Sorry I have no pics to share as still in the camera dark ages.
Would like to hear if anybody else has done this hike.


Yocum Ridge is one of the best hikes, in my opinion, on Mount Hood. The green alpine meadows with streaming spring water are backed by spired peaks and views of glaciers on the flanks of Mount Hood are a sharp contrast to the rain shadowed Cooper Spur on the east side. For close up looks at the mountain these two hikes are unsurpassed.
2005-08-22 11:41:45