Washington Cascades

Shoe Lake

Length: 6 miles
Low Point: 4500'
High Point: 6500'
Scenery: 0/5

Difficulty: 0/5

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From Highway 12 at White Pass, look for a road signed for the Pacific Crest Trail. The trailhead is a short distance down this road and is about a half mile from the ski area.

Trail Description

The trail to Shoe Lake follows the Pacific Crest Trail over high forested ridges, tranquil meadows, and gives views of Mt. Ranier, the Goat Rocks, and other Cascade Peaks. Camping at Shoe Lake is not allowed within a half mile of the lake.


The trail to Shoe Lake from PCT is very short. The hike up to the PCT from Scatter Creek can be very difficult because it is so steep. I recommend coming from Round Mountain (near Twin Peaks) just West of Clear Lake. The trip is worth it. But make sure you are carrying enough water. The area between Shoe lake and Round Mountain is dry. There is some water behind White Pass Ski area (lots of small pot hole lakes). The temperature at Shoe Lake was below freezing on Aug 14, 2004 so bring provisions just in case.
2004-08-21 07:25:25