Oregon Cascades

Vivian Lake

Length: 3 miles
Low Point: 4000'
High Point: 5400'
Season: Summer/Fall
Scenery: 5/5

Difficulty: 3/5

Submitted by: Forrest


From Eugene, travel I-5 south to Highway 58. Continue past Oakridge until reaching the well signed parking area for Salt Creek Falls, about five miles west of Willamette Pass.

Trail Description

The second highest waterfall in Oregon; a tranquil lake; several impressive waterfalls; peaceful forest walking; what more could you want in a hike?

From the Salt Creek Falls parking/trailhead area, travel towards the falls viewpoint, and follow the path south along the cliff edge and Salt Creek. The trail passes through a small picnic area, immediately crossing Salt Creek. Soon you will reach a fork-follow the route heading to the left and follow this trail eventually climbing over a small hill until reaching a set of unfortunate railroad tracks (the only major detracting factor on this hike). Cross the railroad tracks and immediately take the trail to the left (ignore the small road heading straight).

Past the railroad tracks, the trail enters into the Diamond Creek Wilderness area and a nice forested hillside. The trail steepens before coming to an overlook of Fall Creek Falls, a medium sized waterfall. Continue past the falls for one more mile to reach Vivian Lake.

Vivian Lake is a great lake, nestled between rolling mountains (with the exception of Mt. Yoran which rises sharply behind the low surrounding mountains). The lake, at least in August, seemed to be pretty warm inviting wading and swimming. Surprisingly, there were even some harmless snakes swimming in the lake, taking advantage of the warm temperatures. Several good campsites can be found around the lake.

Retrace your route back to the railroad tracks, but take a left fork just after crossing the tracks, towards Too Much Bear Lake. Be sure to take the short side trip to see Diamond Creek Falls…a very impressive cascade. Continuing on, the trail comes to the Salt Creek Canyon rim, offering several impressive viewpoints of the gorge and several waterfalls spilling in. Follow this route past Too Much Bear Lake and to the trailhead.


Be prepared for misquitoes!!! There's tons of them on this hike!!! Ouch!!
2005-07-09 13:24:40
Avoid this hike on certain summer weekends. It can get pretty busy up there
2004-03-06 00:32:20
Bruce at OregonPhotos.com adds this comment: "Legore Lake is officially Oregon's highest true lake, so breathe deep and savor your triumph when you get to this frigid little lake!"
2004-03-06 00:32:20