Olympic Mountains

Mt. Storm King

Length: 3 miles
Low Point: 600'
High Point: 4000'
Season: Spring/Summer/Fall
Scenery: 4.5/5

Difficulty: 3.5/5

Submitted by: Forrest


From Port Angeles, drive 18 miles west to the Storm King Ranger Station.

Trail Description

The trail for Mt. Storm King leaves the Ranger Station on the Barnes Creek Trail. Shortly up the trail (a little under a half mile), the Mt. Storm King Trail splits to the left and immediately ascends up the side of the hill (continue straight to see Marymere Falls, a nice sidetrip). The trail climbs very steeply, giving great views of Lake Crescent and Aurora Ridge. After 3 miles near a rocky outcropping where the view from here is pretty good. The trail past this point is marked by a warning sign explaining the hazards of continuing on...mainly a 100 foot drop off the rock ledge leading to certain death. This makes a good turn around point.


This is a great hike through an amazing rainforest. I've done it twice now and it never disappoints. It can be pretty challenging, with pretty much a direct steep climb with switchbacks the entire way. But the view from the top is great. Be prepared for ocassional rain and banana slugs along the way!
2004-07-30 18:01:47