Northern Idaho

Hunt Lake/ Fault Lake

Length: 4 round trip miles
Low Point: 5300'
High Point: 6500'
Season: Summer/Fall
Scenery: 4/5

Difficulty: 4/5

Submitted by: Adam


7.4 miles on Cavanaugh bay roud out of coolin , turn right onforest road 24. After 4 miles you will reach a juntion with road 2. Stay right. Road 2 and 24 are the same road for a half mile until 24 splits to the left. Head to the left on 24. After 1 mile turn left on 241. Another 3.5 miles and you are there.

Trail Description

There isn't really much of a trail into hunt lake. The parking area sits a few hundred feet above hunt creek. Between here and the lake lies a boulder field. The route to the lake is marked with spray paint on the boulders and flging anywhere they could squeeze in a feet feet of actual trail. I wouldn't suggest drinking a six pack of beer before setting out on this adventure. After one mile of rock hoping you will find yourself at an outlet pond with a nice little camp site. Hike about a couple hundred feet further to reach the lake. There is one camp site at the outlet and one at the inlet of the lake. To reach the other end of the lake, stay right on the south side of the lake. There is apparently a trail leaving the east end of the lake. Lingering snow left me without it. Follow the inlet of the lake upto the saddle that lies between Gunsight Peak to the north and Hunt Peak to the south. There are a breeding pair of wolverine with a den somewhere on the saddle. These animals confront bears, wolves and cougar to feed on carion. It is best to keep your distance incase they have had a bad day. Once you reach the saddle you will get a great view of hunt peak (7058 ft). According to the map, the trail does a southeast curve around the hillside into fault lake. Since the trail was invisable, I headed south below the crest, through a meadow that was more of a swamp with the snow melt. Just below the meadow lies fault lake...