No camping near PCT & lakes

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Are you familiar with the "100 foot rule" for wilderness (at least) in the Naches Ranger District? There is a new list of regulations & fines on the signs entering the PCT North of White Pass & Chinook Pass. There is a requirement for a 100 foot set back from lakes and the PCT (Trail 2000) with a fine that apparently varies with the mood of the back woods ranger. As the sign emphasizes, these rules are being enforced. I know several people who have been ticketed for camping too close to a lake, though none specifically for too close to the PCT. While these rules may have a theoretical sense, practically speaking the majority of the existing campsites along the PCT are within 100 feet of the trail, or near a lake. Many of the more popular camp sites elsewhere are near lakes, though a few lakes have posted restrictions reminding people to camp elsewhere. Sheep Lake north of Chinook Pass is one popular area where virtually all of the sites are in violation, yet people continue to utilize them daily ( and are probably ticketed as often). The effect is that if people actually paid attention to these rules, there would be very few pre-existing camp sites available. So the rules are either ignored willfully ( makes for a nervous camping experience, waiting for Barry to show up) or through ignorance of the regulation all together. It smacks of entrapment to not specify that these hundreds of sites are closed, and to fail to provide suitable alternative camp sites. When queried about these regulations, a representative of the NRD said they had been in effect for many years and that it was our responsibility to familiarize ourselves with the regulations. But, when I talk with people from other areas, they say that similar regulations there aren't enforced, and that such a heavy enforcement presence as we have here in the NRD is un heard of. The NRD is quite adamant and determined to enforce these regulations, and short of seeking an injunction I think they will be in effect for a long time. I'm not sure that the correct procedure was followed in their implementation, but that would take some research to uncover. Just an FYI & a heads up & a hope for input & information- If you know of anyone / or have been ticketed in the past few years, please respond with a brief description of the event. Just curious... Daniel

I have camped at Sheep Lake and know exactly what you are talking about. There are at least 5 or 6 nice camp sites around the lake that are all in violation. Its really too bad, they are pretty nice sites. I think there is a sign by the lake somewhere stating you must be 100' from the lake. Although, I have camped there on two separate occasions and have never seen a ranger. Just out of curiosity what is beyond the lake (if you are hiking from the Chinook pass side)? Both times I have gone there I only had one day so we just hiked to the lake, stayed one night, and then hiked back the next horning.