The Enchantments

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Going to The Enchantments 10-2 for the first time. Plan on spending 1st nite at Snow Lake and have 2 others to plan. There are a lot of lakes up there in the Lower Basin. Does anyone have favorites that would be great for a group of 4 to spend 2 nights? Does anyone know if there are fish in the lakes in the Lower Basin?

Yes, there are fish. No, you will not have the will to try to catch them. You will lay in camp, foaming at the mouth, hoping someone with a pistol would come by and finish you off. The hike in is hard. Very hard. Be prepared. Start early - headlamp early. Rest at Snow Lake, then push on if you have enough day light. The hike from the end of Snow Lake (yes, the FAR end) takes about 2 - 3 hours. If you can make it inb in one day & set up camp, you'll be better off. Enjoy yourself. It's a wonderful place.