first solo trip

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i've always gone bping with one or more others. this fall i want to do a solo trip to see if it's something i can do. i was thinking of two nights. i live in Seattle and am considering Carbon Glacier or Granite mountain. i realize these aren't real long which is mostly the point. my goals are to get away for a bit, not go too far to make sure i take everything i need. any advice on trails, going solo for the first time would be awesome! jas

Bring a book. You will find going solo is pretty boring sometimes. Don't get me wrong, it's great. But when you are in camp you will be in bed much earlier than you would if you were with another person. Also, if you can afford it, take a GPS beacon. I have always wanted one of these. There are like $600 bucks though. It would provide a lot of insurance. Finally, you will find that you can travel much faster and farther solo. Probably 30% more since you go at your own pace and aren't waiting for anyone or talking to anyone. Good luck and have fun and tell someone where you are goin.