spring backpacking

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I'm trying to plan a trip for the end of march. I was wondering if anyone has a good suggestion on where to go. I'm planning on four day so a good 20 plus miles would be nice and mostly free from snow. I already have the olympic coast, rogue river and the yakima trail as options. Any other suggestions?

I would call and see if the Enchanted Valley trail in the Olympics is open. It tops out around 2400 feet and should be snow free. Wind damage may be an issue. I hear it often opens around this time but have not been myself. I plan on going in May. If that doesn't work, head down Eagle Creek in the gorge. You can go a long ways up that trail to lakes in the Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness. I can't remember their names. Eagle Creek TH I think is at MP 41 off Interstate 84.