Favorite Snowshoe Hikes

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I'd be interested in hearing what everyone's favorite snowshoe hikes are within 2 hours of Portland. I enjoyed going up Fuji Creek from the Salt Creek Falls trailhead last year but it was about 3 hours away. I've also been to Elk Meadow which is close and has a nice view of Hood and the Twin Lakes Loop from Frog Lake TH though it doesn't have very expansive views. I went up to White Pass or something like that off of Hwy 35 but the weather was bad so I didn't see much. The Gorge after one of those rare snow/ice storms is amazing. Staying overnight in the Forest Service lookouts is also an awesome experience. They all have great views! I think this winter I want to dig a bigger snowcave and campout so if you've got suggestions on where to do it that would be great!

A good snowshoe hike is the Swift Creek trail on Mt. St. Helens. Above treeline are great views and good snow camping sites.
I've yet to get too much into snowshoeing (probably has something to do with not owning snowshoes), but a couple years ago, we headed up to Mirror Lake and Tom Dick and Harry Mountain. It was fun, and the scenery great.