Ice Lake vs. Aneroid/Rogers

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I'm going to go to the Wallowas for the first time in a couple of weeks. I don't have a lot of time but was contemplating checking out the area for a longer trip next summer. I was debating between hiking in to Aneroid Lake or Ice Lake and was wanting some input on both. Also I was wondering if the trail into Ice Lake and campsites prior to the lake with water access from the creek should I tire of lugging my pack up the hill prior to reaching it. Is there much camping available around Ice Lake? From the topo map it looks pretty steep around much of the lake. I was also wondering about climbing the Matterhorn and how tough that might be. Thanks, Mike

Ice Lake is a great hike. There are plenty of campsites near the lake on the side from which you approach it. The climb up the Matterhorn is pretty easy, but I would definitely bring the crampons and ice axe.
Given just one, I would do Ice Lake as well. Aneroid Lake is nice, but for me, Ice Lake is pretty close to being as good as it gets. I remember there being quite a bit of camping around Ice Lake, but I'm not sure if there is camping before the lake. I'll take a look at the topo since it's been six or seven years for me, but it seems like the trail levels off for a little bit before a final push to the Lake, and there may be camping there.
We have hiked both trails and prefer Ice Lake. Anaroid Lake trail starts out steep and then flattens out. You do have great views through a valley, but it does not feel like you are hiking in the Eagle Cap. You do have better access to water though. Ice Lake is just an incredible hike with a payoff at the end. Much more elevation gain than Anaroid, or at least it feels that way. Once you are at the top, you might not want to leave. From there you can climb Matterhorn and other peaks. If I could only do one, I would do Ice Lake.