Need a good Olympic Backpack

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I will be visiting friends in Tacoma in a few weeks. I'm planning on taking four days to run into Olympic National Park and do a backpack. I've been up to the area once before, we did the Hoh River. Where should I spend my four days? I've been looking into High Divide, and the Enchanted Valley. Both look great, so I should really be asking for which of those I should do, but I am open to other suggestions.

Did you ever go on your trip? I'd be interested in hearing about it if you went to the Enchanted Valley.
Definitely High Divide. Olympus and the Blue Glacier are amazing. Camping is good, and for much of the hike, you are above tree line, so views are nice all over.
You can't lose between the High Divide or Enchanted Valley. Both are spectacular. I have a preference for High Divide, just because you are up in the Alpine Country more.
I've only done High Divide as well, but I have a hard time believing anything could be better than this trail. The views of Olympus are absolutely stunning. Mornings can be very impressive as well. Often times a river of fog floats up the Hoh River Valley directly below, its quite unbelievable. I say do Enchanted Valley so we can all hear about it!
I\\\'ve wanted to do Enchanted Valley for a couple of years now. Maybe in September I\\\'ll get to it. I did High Divide last year and it was AWESOME. We hiked along the river, up past Sol Duc, and into Heart Lake the first day. That day we say 4 bear, some grouse, deer and elk. The next day we got onto the Divide and the view to the Hoh river and of Mt Olympus was awesome. We climbed Bogachiel Peak and looked down onto the 7 lakes basin. Saw 2 more deer and 3-4 more bear as well as more marmots. The night we camped at Lunch Lake and it was all fogged in. We had a good sunset away from the lake but didn\\\'t really appreciate the beauty of the lake until the next day. For the High Divide Loop though, they have a restricted permit system. You should try to get it now if you think you want to go. Call the Olympics Ranger station. If you can\\\'t get a permit - problem solved - go on Enchanted Valley and tell me how it is.