Strawberry Mountains?

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Has anyone done any trails in the Strawberry Mountains. I'd like to go explore, but since its a bit of a drive, I want to know the best places to visit. I've thought about doing the traverse of the range, but if anyone has other suggestions, or any input on where I should focus my time, let me know. -Brian

Did the Strawberry Lakes Loop July 4th last year. This is a great place as there was onlt traffic around Strawberry Lake. Not many folks doing the loop. Could've had something to do with the fact that is was early in the season...snow in some places and plenty of mosquitoes. Otherwise beautiful loop 17.5 miles 4200' elevation gain. Good times!
It's been a while since I've been out that way, but we did go up to Strawberry Lake and it was very nice. Surprisingly, even though it is out there in the middle of nowhere, it seemed surprisingly busy during our visit.