Hiking Central Washington

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I'm looking for some good hiking or backpacking around the Yakima area. I've been living here for a year and haven't had a chance to explore yet. What are the best trails around central Washington?

Thank you for the help. It does look like I have a lot to explore. I think I'll try hitting the Goat Rocks first and work my way North! I've looked a little more into the Alpine Lakes, and will hopefully get up there this year too.
Drive up to Leavenworth (about 1 hour north) and get into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Colchuck Lake is amazing, Stewart Lake is great too and if you are into a very strenuous hike you can venture up to the Enchantment Lakes and have your mind blown. Easily ranks as some of the best hiking in Washington.
Yakima has some spectacular hiking close by. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding some good places. As mentioned by RiverHood, the Goat Rocks are great. You also have Mt. Ranier and Adams close by, the Alpine Lakes, and the William O Douglas Wilderness. A few of those I still need to explore, but from what I've seen, all are very nice.
Yakima is really close to the Goat Rocks Wilderness, just north of Mt. Adams. There are some great hiking/backpacking opprotunities. A few are listed on this site. My personal favorite in the area is McCall Basin.