Wallowa Mountains

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I have four days that I would like to spend in the Wallowas. I am looking for a good loop trip. Since I haven't been to the Wallowas yet, does anyone have suggestions on the best trips? Thanks

Ice Lake is Incredible. In fact i just posted a couple of my pics from last year with the wife. Great trip. Our first "real" backpacking trip together. Our gear has changed so much for the better since then. We learned a lot and it was in one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen.
There are so many good loop trips in the Wallowas, you really can't go to wrong (at least with the ones I have done). A great trip is the West Fork Wallowa River to Lakes Basin, Glacier Lake, Frazier Lake, and back out via the West Fork. Its only a partial loop, but still very good. Another option I've been wanting to try is basically the same, except visiting Ice Lake first and navigating over Craig Mountain to Moccasin Lake and the Lakes Basin (there is no trail over Craig Mountain, so make sure you are good at trailess travel and have a backup plan if you run into problems).