Anyone for Mt St Helens?

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We are trying to get a group together to climb Mount St Helens. Anyone here any new info on the new registration process? or when the trail will be opened? If you are interested, either respond here or at Jeff

The trail is open from Marble Mtn snow park 5/11 we have 250 climing today.
The trail is open by snowshoe you can link from www.lonefirresort to maps and info on the Mt. I hope to have a blog up and running next month to help hikers with info on pass.
Just climbed it yesterday. Bought my pass the first morning they went on sale. Surprisingly enough, no one has posted a trail description on this website yet. So I add one today. It was a work out, but the memories will last a life time, and that makes all the work worth it.
Climbing resumes on July 21
I have always been interested in climbing St. Helens. I am a novice climber though. How technical is it? I am looking to do a climb the end of august. Julie