Sawtooth Loop 2006

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Sawtooth Loop 2006 July 24th – August 1st , 2006 1. GrandJean(5153’) to Elk Lake(6657’): 11.6 miles. 2. Elk Lake(6657’) to Benedict Lake(8255’): 7.5 miles 3. Benedict Lake(8255’) to Spangle, Ardeth Lake(8232’): 5.8 miles 4. Ardeth Lake(8232’) to Edna(8409’), and Hidden Lake(8613’): 6.3 miles 5. Hidden Lake(8613’) to Cramer Lake(8358’): 4.5 miles 6. Cramer Lakes(8356’) to Baron Lakes(8521’): 8.2 miles 7. Baron Lakes(8521’) to GrandJean(5153’): 11.2 miles Total Mileage: 55.1 miles Assorted Elevations in Reverse: 1. Elk Lake: 6657, GrandJean 5153. 2. Benedict Lake: 8255, Elk Lake 6657. 3. Ardeth Lake: 8232, top of ridge: 8952, Spangle Lakes 8589, Lake Ingeberg 8894, Top of ridge 8902, Rock Slide Lake: 8672, Benedict Lake: 8255. 4. Crammer Lakes: 8358 top of ridge: 9461, Hidden Lake 8613, Edna Lake 8409, Top of ridge: 8817, Ardeth Lake: 8232. 5. Baron Lakes: 8521, Top of ridge: 9177, Alpine Lake: 8339, Flatrock Junction: 7391, Crammer Lakes: 8358 6. Grandjean: 5153, Upper Baron Lakes: 8521. We will be spending the 23rd and 31st in Boise, ID they are both drive days. Those continuing the combined backpack trip will be heading to the Eagle Cap backpack on the 1st . This will be a dog friendly backpack at leaders discretion; my dogs will be going. Signing up or expressing interest will not guarantee you a spot. Participants will be screened by the leader, before joining the group. This is a new area to me; information has been gathered from local area experts, maps and guidebooks.

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