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Looking for some ideas for backpacking over the Memorial Day weekend. Live in Portland and willing to drive a few hours. Time of year presents some problems. Considering Chelan Lakeshore Trial? Help me!

You should hike the eagle creek trail. Take 84 east, exit is before Bonneville dam. You can hike up and camp if you want. many trails, great scenery.
I agree with doing some of the trails in the Olympics. The Hoh is great as are all of the coast trails. Another spring favorite of mine is the Rogue, but it may be over-run with people during that popular weekend. The Chelan Trail sounds interesting, it I'll have to look into that trail some more. The Ochoco Mountains may also offer some nice and accessible scenery. I think there are even some fairly long trails, like the Twin Pillars Trail and the Black Canyon Trail (which I always hear is spectacular). I believe that both of these stay fairly low in elevation and are probably pretty nice during that time of year.
Don't know too much about the Chelan Trail, but the Olympics have a few early season options as well. The coast is always nice and you may be able to get quite a ways up some of the valleys. The Hoh stays fairly low elevation, as well as the Quinalt and Duckabush.