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I need a backpacking trip. I can't wait until summer. Does anyone here go backpacking over the winter? Is it worth it?

I've done some good hikes during the winter but I usually get tired of the rain quickly. The Rogue River is nice during that time of year and most of the trails in the Columbia River Gorge are good.
Winter backpacking can be a blast! I try to get at least one trip every year, but you definitely have to be prepared. My recommendation is to shoot for a forrest hike or river bottom hike with things like waterfalls or oldgrowth and not shoot for stellar views. I did one trip to the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic during December which actually had shelters along the way also, which was quite welcome as we got caught in some brutal rain. The best thing though is there are no crowds. You almost always have the trails to yourself.
Totally depends on the weather. Backpacking in a downpoor is no fun, but an occassional break during the winter if the weather turns good can be great. I'm definitely ready for spring and summer as well.