Epic gorge hikes

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I'm looking for suggestions and information on Secret Places (TM) in the gorge, ie undocumented or unmaintained trails. I like elevation gain, vistas, and uncrowded trails. Monday I did Ruckel Ridge to Benson Plateau to Eagle Creek via the Eagle-Benson trail. That was great. My buddy and I didn't see a soul all day. I plan to do Rock of Ages Ridge to Yeon Mt. to Nesmith Pt. as a shuttle hike before it gets too cold. I've seen references to Wauna Point that differ considerably from the description on this site. They say to climb to Wauna Viewpoint and scramble up Wauna Ridge on an unmaintained trail to Wauna Point. Sullivan's book shows this trail but doesn't mention it. Any elaboration would be helpful... I've also seen references to Rudolph Ridge, a very primitive route up the ridge between Ruckel Creek and Rudolph Creek. It is accessed via the Dry Creek Falls area. Any experience here would also be helpful. An off-trail excursion I saw was Tomlike Mt. via Wooly Horn Ridge accessed via the Herman Creek drainage. The first few miles are on trail, then off trail to Tomlike, and back on the Herman Creek Trail. Anyone done this one?

I've been up Wauna ridge a few times, the last time just a few years after the 1989 fire. It was kind of a mess as you might imagine, and the use track was hard to follow. I'm thinking about trying it again this summer though. Just like you say, you go up the lower trail to Wauna Viewpoint, and there's (was) a pretty obvious use trail heading ~S. into the woods, and a "Trail Not Maintained" sign like the bottom of Rock of Ages ridge. The last 50 ft. or so below Wauna point is the most challenging; hope you don't mind heights. A little ways below that there's a bit of a scramble up an easy chimney. Rudolph Spur is described in the old Lowe guide, "Trails in Portland and NW Oregon" or something like that. May be out of print now. I was up it last in the mid-90's and it was indeed hard to follow at the beginning. The middle gains 2000ft. in a mile. The upper part went over a lot of blowdown, but has a great viewpoint where you almost think you could jump into Cascade Locks. The start is right where the 400 trail crosses Dry Creek, on a generally WSW heading. I went on a Wooly Horn Ridge trip, but chickened out and went up and down the Herman Creek Trail instead - long story. (LONG day!) The leader is a friend of mine, though, and I could put you two in contact if you're interested. The only thing I ask in return is, if you know or hear anything about a "Cathedral Trail" (this has gotten to be almost a joke with me and my hiking buddies), let me know; thanks! If it exists, it's somewhere between the 400 trail and the Rock of Ages - Yeon - Nesmith route you're planning. It may be another name for the Mystery Trail. Or it may not.
I hiked a trail from Dry Creek Falls up to the ridge (near the Bell Creek Trail) a long time ago. I remember that the lower trailhead was along the PCT just west of the road to Dry Creek Falls (a matter of a few yards). The trail was less and less evident every time I passed it but in once on it there was a Forest Service sign on a tree a few feet in. The middle section of the trail was almost non-existant but the upper section looked almost maintained.
Does anyone have any information on hidden waterfalls in the gorge? I've seen many falls labeled on maps far from any trail, and would someday like to go find them. Some of those bushwacks look like they could be epic!
Try some of the ones on the Washington side of the Gorge: Lyle Cherry Orchard, Archer Mountain, Cape Horn, Hardy Ridge. You should be able to find info on these with a careful Google search.