Jefferson Park Question

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Hey, Looking to backpack Jefferson Park in a few weeks. I've read that different takes on the road to the trailhead. Is it as rough as they say it is? I have a 4WD Legacy Wagon. Should I be worried? For those of you who have been there please drop me a line. Thanks Mark Weidman

Hey all, So we made it back alive. The drive to the trailhead was as bad as they say. Drove up in a 95 Subaru Legacy and it probably took 50 minutes to get in the final 6 miles. Very bumpy/rocky in certain sections. Jefferson Park is an amazing place and Park Ridge is the way to get there. Great place for a 3day-2 night adventure. One day to cover the surrounding areas, don't miss Bays Lake and the quiet east side. Mark
I'm assuming that you will be taking the Pacific Crest Trail trail into Jefferson Park. I've been there, but it has been a long, long time so I don't really recall. However, we did make it in a small two-wheel drive passenger car so it couldn't have been too bad (again, this was probably 10 years ago). A couple of years ago, we started out from the South Breitenbush trailhead and the road to that starting point was in great condition.