best hikes around Lincoln City

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I'm headed to the coast this weekend and would like to do some short hikes. Suggestions?

I second the Cape Kiwanda Recomendation. The place is great. Once we hiked out as far as you can go and there happened to be a whale directly below us.
It's not much of a hike but it's scenic all the same - I seem to end up at Cape Kiwanda whenever I go to Lincoln City. If you park and then go up the hill (north) and then head out west, crossing the fenced off area that doesn't really say that you shouldn't go there but it says something like, "Go at your own risk". Anyway, it's really cool out on the cape. My friend Paul says Cascade Head is cool as well with flowers so rare they are covered by the endangered species act. And I've heard great things about Drift Creek Falls as well.