Lyman lake

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I just came back from Lyman Lake (07.05) and there were a few things about this area. In October of 2003 a huge flood and mud-slide hit this area and the road leading to the trailhead and the first mile or two of the trail are nearly destroyed so expect some climbing and bush-whacking. Also, look out for the bugs. The bugs are insatiable and very numerous as you get near Suiattle pass and only get worse, bug-spray seems to have little effect. Also, you will need a forest pass from REI or at the ranger station in Darrington, there is no fee box at the trail. Other than that the area was great. I was a little confused as to the turn-off for Image lake on the way back over Suiattle pass. I was going to go up the Miners Creek trail but it didn't seem right. I was looking for a turn-off to Lady Camp but I did not find it and before I knew it I was at the turn to the 38 switchback up hill climb to the lake. I think I should have gone up the Miners Creek trail.

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