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Just wanted to say I've enjoyed seeing all the pictures you've been posting. Looks like you've been busy and have had many great hikes! I like how you write notes with many of the pictures, giving details of location or what was going on. Thanks! Any of these recent hike? or is this an accumulation of many hiking seasons?

Thank you - I'm glad you enjoy the pictures. I think if all of them were recent I'd have to be a full time professional hiker. . .which doesn't pay much, I'd gather. I'm actually slightly addicted to the Eagle Cap Wilderness which is why my two most recent adventures were out there only two weeks apart. I hope you keep enjoying my photos. On my computer is a slew of photos that I've scanned (or, with my new digital camera, uploaded) and I'm happy that they are able now to do something other than rot on the hard drive. In answer to your question, though, I started hiking about 6 years ago (other than in Scouts) so my pictures span those 6 years.