south sister hike in july?

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planning a trip to bend oregon from new jersey. would like to do the hike up south sister, will be there approx july 19th. will there be access to the summit at this point of the season? is 8 hours reasonable for a day summit? i also heard that you need a permit to park in the trailhead lot, is this true? thanks for any info...

You've selected one of the best hikes in the NW due to the North and Middle Sisters just there. We'll be up there on that weekend too. See you on the hill. Best of luck!
The permit for the lot is a NW forest pass permit, which needs to be obtained at a Ranger station on you way out, but any ranger station can issue the permit. (approx $5 for a day) Also 8 hours is a reasonable amount of time for the summit. With the low snow levels this year it should not be too difficult to navigate the trail to the summit. There will still probably be more snow than usual but most should be melted. But you should also ask at the ranger station just to be sure.