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Thinking about taking a few days off first week of August and driving up to BC to hike. Wanted to know if anyone knows of any hikes in the BC Rockies or there about. Looking for a 3-4 day backpack. Any recommendations? Must sees? Thanks for any and all advice!

I've hiked in Manning Provincial Park (near the end of the PCT). Very, very, very nice, but I was only on a day hike. I bought the map and there are lots of longer, backpacking opportunities. One note about the map, though: The contour lines are pretty big intervals and the trail that I was on was considerably more strenuous than it appeared. The map didn't seem to show this, but the trail topped every single peak only to drop down and top the next one. If I remember correctly, the map looked like it skirted the sides of the peaks. Great views, though, especially into Washington. It is the only Canadian hike I've ever done, though, and I don't know if I'd call it a must see. Banff looks better, but if you're looking for solitude you might better find it in Manning. I don't have any photos scanned from that hike, but if I can find them I'll post some.