Eagle Creek

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Has anyone been up Eagle Creek lately? I'm thinking about a short overnighter up there, hiking into the Tenas camp or maybe one of the ones farther in and staying the night before hiking out the next day. Anyone have any tips for doing that this time of the year? I'm thinking of going up next week. What are the campgrounds up there like? Are they crowded? I have been up to Punch Bowl falls before, but never any farther, and that was in August. So, what's the weather up there like this time of year? Thanks for answering all of my questions. AJ

Thanks for your helpful replies!
I would definitely try and get up as early in the day as possible to miss the dayhiker crowds (it makes the trail so much more enjoyable) and also to secure a place to camp. I know there is quite a bit of camping up the canyon, but the trail does get tons of people so I'd imagine camping is scarce in summer. Also, I just heard of a group that went backpacking there and had their car broken into, so make sure you don't leave anything important.
weather should be good, summers are generally pretty nice. expect crowds however, especially the first few miles. the camps are generally crowded during this time of year, so head out early.