Good early season hikes in the NW

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I'd like to do a three day backpack early next month. What are the best options for some early season backpacking?

The spring and early summer is a great time to get out and explore those overlooked areas, like the Ochoco Mountains in central Oregon, the Kalmiopsis Wilderness in southern Oregon, and many of the trails in the high desert.
I'd suggest the Rogue if your down in Southern Oregon. North, I'd suggest a Gorge Backpack, and you may be able to get into some of the foothills now. I know there are some good loop trips south of Mt. Jefferson around Marion Lake that could be snow free now.
There always are trails in the Columbia Gorge which are especially nice in the spring. Herman creek, Eagle Creek, etc. Many of them can be combined into loops.
Some of the trails in the Olympics make for great trails early in the season, just stay in the lowlands. The Quinalt is awesome.