Hikes near PDX with dogs

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So, my pup is a bit over a year now and I want to start training her on some hiking etiquette and am looking for hikes within 2 hours or so of portland that are lightly traveled. She stays well with me and does not chase animals, but can sometimes be a bit much around new people so I am looking for trails that I won't run into that many people to help her get some training in. I am looking for longs hikes, short hikes, amazing hikes, and not so amazing as long as there won't be that many people. Thanks, Amy

Give the Trapper Creek Wilderness area a try (north of Carson), or any of those lesser known areas between the peaks. The eastern side of Mt. Hood has some good trails that should be open, and don't see too much traffic. The Badger Creek area has some lesser trails that would probably be good options, like the Little Badger Creek Trail. There are also quite a few good and little known trails between the Indian Heaven Wilderness and Mt. Adams areas.
Try Eagle Creek-NOT the one in the Gorge, but the one just outside of Estacada. I don't think too many people get out to that one.