Outhouse with a View!

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Inevitably during a hike the conversation always turns to toilet talk. There are even books written on this subject, such as "How to Shit in the Woods." To me it's always a happy surprise when you come across an outhouse in the woods in unexpected places often with great views. Because if you're like me or any of the people I hike with, it's always nice not to have to dig! So my question is, where is your favorite outhouse in the outback. My pick is an outhouse at Image Lake; you get a nice panoramic view of Glacier Peak in the North Cascades and no reason to dirty your nails digging and more time to enjoy the view!

There are some nice outhouses on the Olympic Coast, and the sound of waves crashing on the shore makes it just a little easier to do my business!
While backpacking on the Rogue River, I became very sick. I ended up spending the entire night in the outhouse. While it definitely wasn't the most enjoyable experience, I was very grateful that I had the outhouse to stay in. I have been to nicer, but none was more appreciated than that!
I would have to agree with the Image Lake outhouse. It is pretty close to the best view you could ever have while taking care of your business. Honestly there is no reason to leave.
I appreciate any outhouse in the outdoors. This little piece of necessary business is by far the worst part of backpacking and I appreciate any help I can get.