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Do you prefer to hike alone or with someone? If you hike alone is it because you don't have someone to hike with or because you like it that way?

Always with other people. I find that when you are out on the trail, real people come out of the individuals you thought you already knew. That and I'd rather someone else get eaten by the bear instead of myself. Ha ha. No but for real. The memories you can share with the others later in life are always fun as well.
I like hiking alone (with my dog) but some days loneliness sets in. I usually try to find a partner for safety, company and conversation, but some days I just need to be out there alone. The dog and I prefer to find our own peace of mind without any assistance. Okay, he prefers to find small furry/feathered woodland creatures to chase and chew on... but in my mind he seems peaceful once he starts gnawing. Plus we keep a very different pace when there isn't someone tagging along.
I enjoy hiking alone (with my dog) and with others. I prefer alone sometimes. I consider it a sort of meditation, and I am able to see more of nature when I am alone. I find that I don't like hiking with groups at all. It tends to be so disruptive, and you can't really go at your own pace. I think trails should be somewhat peaceful, and if 8 or 10 or 12 people are hiking together, they tend to be disruptive of those who want to get away.
I don't consider myself a loner, but I seem to prefer hiking alone, mainly because most of my hikes seem to be fairly extended and I can keep my own comfortable pace. I also seem to see more and become more aware of my surroundings when alone. It also satisfies my periodic need to 'get away' from everything and offers the satisfaction of being 'self-sufficient'. Also, I guess that after being alone for these periods, the company you eventually experience on your return is appreciated even more. The downside of course, is that sometimes it's nice to be able to share an experience of the moment with someone and also if you meet with an accident then you don't have the luxury of possible assistance!
I've been hiking alone for several yrs. I must admit that for the most part I like it but it is limiting. Today I couldn't do a ford on Hood as I thought it was too risky alone. Water looked like pudding!
I always hike with others. I'm always worried I'll get hurt or need help getting back out. I think its a good practice for anyone who enjoys the outdoors to take others along.
I usually hike with others. For most trips, I can find other people to bring along, but if I have to, I'll go alone. I do like to get away occassionally and wander off alone. I find evening time is the best for this. I always enjoy a stroll after dinner.
alone most of the time, but occassionally with other people.
I prefer to hike alone.I get out there to get away from people.
I generally hike with other people, but I do occassionally like getting out on my own and do my own thing. I like being able to take it slow, or go fast, without worrying about the people around me.
I generally hike and backpack with other people. I feel more comfortable if there are other people around, just in case something goes wrong.