Hikes in North Cascades

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I'm hoping to do a 2 or 3 night backpack in the North Cascades this summer. Any suggestions?

I wish I could be more of a help. The North Cascades is an area that I've been wanting to explore for quite a while. A hike I've been wanting to do is the Thunder Creek Valley and into the Park Creek Valley, and the pack up Bridge Creek to Rainy Lake. Along the way, I'd try to hike up to Moraine Lake, which from maps looks absolutely amazing.
A friend of my hiked the Pacific Crest National Recreation Trail from Chinook Pass (WA Route 410) southwards to White Pass (US Hwy 12). Total trail length one-way is about 26.9 miles. Chinook Pass is at 5,432\\\' elev., and White Pass is about 4,400\\\'. The trail passes by a number of alpine lakes, just east of Mt. Rainier. With the limited snowpack this year, you may be able to hike this stretch earlier than ever. See the attached location map.