Best Hikes Near Portland

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So in an attempt to get a little more discussion going on here (I see all you visiting, but few talking!), I'm curious as to everyone's top five trails within a two hours drive of Portland. Here are mine: Goat Lake - did it last year, and it was fantastic. It may be a little outside of the two-hour drive criteria, but I drive fast. Elk Cove - Great meadow with a huge glacier and the north face of Mt. Hood. Jefferson Park - Great meadow at the base of Oregon's second tallest volcano. Lower Lewis River - Probably not on most people's list, but it is a great river valley walk, with some huge trees. Reminds me of several Olympic Mountain Valleys. Eagle Creek - It's a great hike, even though it is pretty crowded.

I'll throw my hat in the ring too - in no particular order: 1) Wahclella Falls (short and very sweet) 2) Table Mt (long but worth it!) 3) Eagle Creek (can't beat it!) 4) Silver Star Mt (many loop options too!) 5) Any hike in the Mt St. Helens nat'l monument
Eagle Creek-like everyone else Silver Star Mountain Saddle Mountain Cape Lookout Trails around Timberline Lodge Lost Lake Loop Multnomah Falls
I'd agree with Eagle Creek, Jefferson Park, and Elk Cove. Never been to Goat Lake, but it does look pretty nice, so I may have to reserve a spot for it. I would also put on Saddle Mountain and Cairn Basin on Mt. Hood
My top 5: Eagle Creek Saddle Mountain Silver Falls Multnomah Falls Beacon Rock
I would definitely put Eagle Creek on there, along with the Elk Meadows trail on Mt Hood, Silver Falls State Park, Silver Star Mountain, and the Salmon River.
Cooper Spur - Awesome Mountain Scenery Bald Mountain Trail - Great view of Hood, wildflowers Dog Mountain - Wildflowers, views of the Gorge Eagle Creek - Some amazing waterfalls Saddle Mountain - Great views
I would have to second Eagle Creek, add Oneonta, Rebel Rock (near Lebanon), Saddle Mountain (by the coast) and Leadbetter in Washington
well I would have to agree with forrest regarding Eagle creek and Goat Lake. But I think that the Upper Lewis River Trail is nice. And I would also put silver falls in this category. It rivals all of the hikes in the gorge. That is only four sorry...but the gorge in general would be my 5th. You can spend years hiking there and still find a new trail with a little hidden waterfall.