Need fast and easy 20 miler

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Hi, I have a Scout that needs to do a 20+ mile hike this coming Saturday 4/2/05. We are looking for an easy and fast 20+ mile hike, one way or looped, clear trail (no snow) primarily downhill or flat that can be hiked in 8 to 10 hours. We would prefer something within 1-2 hours drive of Portland. Any suggestions other than the Banks-Vernonia Linear State Park? Been there, done that! Thanks in advance, Rob

Details?! Where? How was it? And most importantly, will the scout hike again?
I know it is way crowded but Eagle Creek out in the Gorge is a good hike that is relatively easy and has great scenery.
Look into hiking up the Deschutes Canyon. I believe you can get out pretty far, and it is a fairly level and nice walk.
The lower lewis river comes close to being 20 miles, I think it would be like 19 miles. There are a couple hills, but nothing too serious.