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Well, I have finally uploaded the new site. I still plan on making upgrades over the coming weeks, but I felt I should just unveil it, otherwise it would never make an appearance! Please let me know what you think of the new look, as well as the functional features. I also expect quite a few bugs, so let me know if you experience anything that does not work.

SPLAT! Just kidding. A suggestion though, when you use the search feature on the trails description, it would be nice if a message would appear that says "no hikes found" when no hikes meeting the criteria entered is found. It would help those of us with slow computers know that the search did occur and its not a problem with our computers (this time!!).
BUG!? Just created an account. Easy to do, only one complaint. When you change data and hit "submit query" a message then apprears stating "query accepted." However, the new information does not appear until the page is refreshed. Any way to have this done automatically?? Great site otherwise! A few bugs don't scare me! I'm an outdoor girl after all! ;)
BUG ALERT! Tried using site search and was unable to search the site.
The new site is clean, crisp, easy to use and logical. A well thought out design. I look forward to seeing it develop. Rob