Hurricane Creek Hike

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Hello all, I have friends coming in from NY City and they want to see a little bit of the Oregon wilderness. I saw the description of the Hurricane Creek hike and it sounds amazing. I was wondering if anyone had any additional information on the hike that they would like to share. Is this a single day hike, or is there opportunities to make this a week-long adventure? Also, for those of you who have done both the Hurricane hike and the Sisters Summit hike, which one do you prefer? Thanks!!!

when are you planning on going? it is getting a little late in the season for those two options as snow levels are quickly dropping. South sister is a great close hike if you are looking for something 1-2 days. But I agree that the wallowas are some of the best wilderness in the state, and if you do have a week definitley do a longer trip there!
I would definitely do Hurricane Creek in more than one day...if you can do a week-long adventure in the Wallowas, defintely do it, you won't be dissappointed. The entire hike is amazing, but definitely push to Lakes Basin. It can be crowded, but the scenery is great. If you can get a week, I'd also hit Glacier Lake, beyond Lakes Basin, and then loop back and hit Ice Lake on the way out. That trip (which requires a shuttle) would probably be four or five days, but there are tons of side trails and trips to easily stretch it to longer. If you want to give them the best wilderness in the state, definitely hit the Wallowas, nothing else in Oregon compares....although if you live in the Willamette Valley, it might as well be another state!