1st time hiker - need trail!

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I have an acquaintance coming into town from France, she is looking for a nice day hike in the Olympic National forest, hopefully easily accessible for a foreigner. Any suggestions???

I just spent a weekend on the Hoh River Trail. Muy bonita! If you are just dayhiking, you will miss much of the beautiful backcountry of the Olympics. The Hoh River Trail will at least get you into some of the most spectacular old growth I've seen in the Northwest. If you can do an overnight or more, I would recomend the Third Beach to Hoh trail. The coast line is incredible and, unfortunately, the Hoh River Trail does not skirt it at all. You should at least stop at a random pull out and hike along the beach for an hour or so. August should yield great weather. Have a great trip!
Addendum: She will be arriving in mid-August, if that matters.