Best mountain trail

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So whats the best trail for mountain scenery in the Northwest?

The Boundary Trail (#1) in the Mt St Helens Monument is great if you want to see the "remains" of mountain scenery. ...and there aren't any trees to block your view.
Without a doubt, High Divide in the Olympics.
I vote for Scotchman Peak in the Cabinet Mountains (on the Idaho-Montana border near Clark Fork, ID). There is no trail description posted (yet) on this TrailsNW site for this fantastic mountain, but it's featured in the popular hiking books for the area. You get a great view of Lake Pend Oreille (whose surface lies about 1 mile beneath the 7,009' rocky summit of Scotchman Peak). You can see the Cabinet Mountains in Montana, and the Clark Fork River. If you want some GREAT exercise trudging steadily uphill for 4 miles, hike this trail!
Wonderland Trail