looking for a 4 day loop

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hey there- i'm looking for some sort of looping trail to occupy about 4 days somewhere in the seattle area. any ideas? and forgive my ignorance for asking, but i've heard that the third beach to the hoh river hike is beautiful...but how does one get back to where they started (i.e. where the car is?). is the only option to double back, or is there some way to catch a ride back to the third beach area? thanks in advance- b

I wouldn't plan on doing this, but a ranger in Forks offered my friend and I a return ride. He said that someone in Forks does shuttles if you call in advance. I don't know details though but you might want to try calling the ranger station up there.
It is awesome out there. I am looking forward to doing the full hike someday. We ended up having to just backtrack, so I wasn't able to experience the entire trip. I don't think there are any shuttle services in the area unfortuneately, but it would be nice for someone to prove me wrong.