To-Do List

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I’m always zooming around on my topo maps looking for cool trips. I generally do this a lot whenever I’m supposed to do other things, or during those rainy and cold winter days….so I decided to posed my to-do list on here. Feel free to post your own. If anyone has any photos or info on these, please post!

Surprise Lake 7.5 Miles (not counting some cool looking side trips) This trail explores some of the Goat Rocks Wilderness. I was so impressed with McCall Basin, I’ve been meaning to get back over to explore the rest of the region. This hike follows the South Fork Tieton River to Surprise Lake. Past the lake, the trail follows the headwall of the canyon to some necessary side trips to see the Meade and Conrad Glaciers. The main trail continues along the northern wall of the S. Fork Tieton River Canyon, and eventually drops back to the river bottom and the main trail, which takes you back to the trailhead.
Elk Meadows Loop 10.5 miles This trip I’ve been meaning to do for a while. It is generally located south of Hood River, on the eastern flank of Mt. Hood. Follow the Elk Meadows trail south (like a quarter mile), until reaching a fork to the left and climb up Bluegrass Ridge. Walk along this ridge, which I imagine would have great views of Hood and the Cascades until it drops down to Elk Meadows. From Elk Meadows following Cold Spring Creek back to the trailhead.