Interested in a good week-long hike

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Hello all, im pretty new to the whole backpacking scene, but my dad got me into it whne mentioning possibly walking the whole pacific crest trail from mexico to canada. Im a student at Portland state university, and want a good vacation right when spring term is over in mid june. I have two other friends that are interested in it, and i just wanted some suggestions on some good hikes that could take us a week or so, we're really excited!!! Any help would be great, thanks alot! daniel

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail may be too ambitious for folks just getting into hiking. Hell's Canyon is hotter than blazes in June. You may consider the Wenaha River Trail in the Blue Mountains of NE Oregon & SE Washington. There are some great loop trails and scenery NW of Troy, OR, and you can do a weeklong trip there. See the Wenaha River Trail description on this TrailsNW website. Get a map of the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness or Umatilla National Forest to see all the possibilities.
check out trails in Hells Canyon. You should be able to figure out some nice long trips, and they'll be open during mid-june. You may have problems finding long, snow-free trails in the mountains during that time of the summer so Hells Canyon may be a good option.