Olympic Mountain Hikes

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I'm looking for a good Olympic National Park hike for this summer. I've visited before, but didn't have a chance to do any backpacking in the area. I'll be arriving in mid June, so it'd be great to find some 2 or 3 day trips.

I hiked the second beach trail last summer and I'm still talking about that trip! You'll have to get a tide chart and a bear canister from the ranger station in Forks. I know that this is not the only place whee you can do so, but to be in a national park that allows campfires on the coast is really nice. There is so much driftwood out there. The bald eagles are plentifull as well. It's the only place where I've gone from tidepools to old growth in under an hour.
I'd definitely hit High Divide. the Hoh is also nice, although not nearly as spectacular.