Rogue River

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3/21/04 Just spent four days down in the Rogue. We didn't do the the entire length (Grave Creek to Illahe) because we didn't want to deal with setting up shuttles, so we stayed in the Eastern Portion. The trail is spectacular this time of year. There was perfect weather during our trip (sunny and in the upper 60s and 70s), wildflowers blooming, wildlife, and I'm sure that the trail is less crowded during late march. The trail, at least for our portion was in great shape with no problems. I heard that for people doing the entire length of the trail, people were having to shuttle all the way through northern california to set up shuttles, due to snow on the connecting roads. I'll post images soon...

Here are some images from the rogue...I'll be sure to post these under the hike as well.
I did the Rogue several years ago during mid march. It was spectacular. I hope to get back one of these days.