Fall Hikes

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Anytrailsnw body have any good Fall hiking trips? Let us know, and be sure to tell us what makes it such a great place.

Silver Falls State Park
Elwha River - Olympic Mountains
Silver Falls State Park
Eagle Creek Trail - Oregon Cascades just outside of Estacada
Lewis River Trail, although its a great trail any time of the year.
I like to get out on the coast during the fall. There is always the possibility of hitting a storm, but most of the time its pretty pleasent. Olympic Coast hikes are great.
Most any hike in the Columbia River Gorge is good this time of year. My favorite is from Horsetail Falls up to Larch Mountain.
Larch Mountain, starting at Multnomah Falls.
Silver Falls state park has some of the most spectacular waterfalls in oregon outside the gorge. It is a nice day hike and the water in the waterfalls is more impressive after the rains hit.
The Fall Creek Trail near Eugene is Great during the fall. There are plenty of trees that change color, and because it stays so low in elevation, you don't have to worry about snow.
I always enjoy hiking up Eagle Creek in the Gorge in the Fall. The trails are much less crowded, and once the rain begins, the waterfalls are much more impressive than in the summer.